Get to Know Deep Trekker

4 years ago

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Deep Trekker builds portable and easy to use submersible robots. Get to know how our company started and what we stand for as we build the best underwater drones and ROVs for your challenging environments.

"Remote Controlled Submarine with Camera"
"ROV Submarine with Camera"
"ROV with video"
"ROV with Camera"
"Remotely Operated Vehicle with Camera"
"ROV manufacturer"
"Offshore ROV"
"Hobby ROV"
"Low Cost ROV"
"Underwater ROV"
"Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle"
"Internal pitching system"
"Pipe Crawler"
"CCTV Camera"
"CCTV Pipe Crawler"
"Pipe Camera"
"Sewer Camera"
"Storm Water Inspection Camera"




ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle - Deep Trekker - Ready for a Dive

Mini ROV finds Octopus - Underwater Exploration - Deep Trekker

Remotely Operated Vehicle Mini ROV - Deep Trekker DTG2