• Thermal Inspection

    Thermal Inspection

    For inspections of power lines, capacitors, transformers and sub stations, or solar panels, oil & gas pipelines, to cell towers, Aerial infrared imaging for thermal inspection and moisture analysis of commercial buildings, rooftops, and industrial applications.Search and Rescue.
  • Mapping


    Our UAV’s data processing delivers high quality true ortho photo, Contours / DEM / DTM / DSM and 3D models to use for a range of urban planning, commercial, utilities, environmental, agriculture and governance requirements.
  • Construction


    Our UAV's use GPS coordinates to precisely calculate where you need to be or simply provide project progression photography for architects and engineers Near Real-Time AS Builts, Contour Maps, Cut and Fill Volume Calculations.
  • Inspection


    Power lines, Cell towers, Oil and gas pipelines, Buildings, Towers, and Railways – all of these and so many other types of industrial inspection are made easier, safer, and more efficient with our unmanned aerial systems.
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  • FEMA and OSHA Certified +

  • High Resolution Aerial Photography +

  • Radiometrically Calibrated Thermal Imaging +

  • NDVI Data Collection for Precision Agriculture +

  • Precision Multispectral Mapping +

  • 3D Model and Terrain Model Generation +

  • Natural and Industrial Resource Inspection +

  • Environmental Impact Assessment +

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